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Student of the Week

5/9/17 Blaec Adkison and Selena Perez
5/1/17 Nicholas Downs and Brooke Owens
4/24/17 Rhese Kimmey and Bailey Bibbee
4/17/17 Steaphanie Bloecher and Alyssa Matthews 
4/10/17 Allye Kelley, Terra Martin, and Cameron Spencer 
4/4/17 Hope Graham
3/27/17 Kolby Sargent and Jonnah Smith

 3/20/17 Hiilani Swinburn and Taryn Paul

3/6/17 Ricardo Juarez and Searra Newton
2/27/17 Shandre Geel and Jessica Smith
2/20/17 Stephanie Cid and Brianna Quintal 
2/13/17 Allye Kelly and Breanna Ripolone
2/6/17 Troy Killmer and Luis Jimenez-Farias

1/30/17 Autymn Boatmen, Deshon Jackson and Nathan Curtis (pictured separately) 
Nathan C
1/23/17 Terrie LeCamus and Marco Garzo
Terrie and Marco
1/16/17 Tyler Commesso and Cheyenne Jackson
Tyler and Cheyenne
1/9/17 Lauren Sweeten and Bailey Ball
Lauren and Bailey
1/4/2017 Deion Mendoza 

1/4/2017 Nathan Allen 
12/12  Ashlyn Baxter and Cecilia Cerda

12/5 Sulem Maldonado

11/28 Roderick Green

11/14 Andrea Robinson, Codi Gregory, and Brandy Westbrook

11/7 Gracie Reyes and Lester Sitzes
11/1 Maddie Reding and Taylor Smith 

10/24 Kristian Noll and Jarrett LeCamus
Kristian Noll and Jarrett LeCamus
10/17 Jessica Roberto and Norma Mendoza
Jessica Roberto and Norma Mendoza
10/4 Dylan Morphew and Priscilla Roberts
 Dylan Morphew and Priscilla Roberts
9/26 Julian Ramirez and Blaine Chandler 
Julian R. and Blaine C.
9/19 Brenda Jo Lynn Johnson and Luke Spiva 
Brenda Jo Lynn J and Luke S
Congratulations to Kylie Eynon our first student of the week!
Haley Eynon
Student of the Week for 9/11-9/16 is 
Katelyn Hawkins and Bryce Dorman 
 Katelyn and Bryce