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Enrolling at ALPHA Academy


Enrollment in ALPHA Academy is for current Magnolia ISD students. If you are interested in attending ALPHA Academy you must be enrolled in Magnolia ISD at either Magnolia High School or Magnolia West High School. You may reach out to the associate principal at the high school to express your interest in attending ALPHA Academy.

 If you are out of district, contact MISD Director of Student Services Ben Petty

How can ALPHA help me graduate?

  • ALPHA maintains a small environment  to accommodate multiple student learning styles including: classroom face to face teacher support, independent work space, and controlled classroom learning environment.  
  • All our classes are online through a program called Edgenuity.  Each student will be enrolled in only 2-3 courses at a time, as this will help them increase their completion and productivity rate. 
  • Student's progress is monitored daily and weekly progress reports are emailed out to parents. Students meet weekly with Success Coaches to develop personal goals for current course work, post-secondary education and/or career and job interests, positive encouragement, and problem solving techniques. In addition, they address student attendance issues and concerns. 

Graduation Course Requirements