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MISD School Board Recognizes Hannah Hopkins as a Student of the Month

Mr. Frederick presented Hannah to the board Monday night with the following speech:

"Dr. Stephens, Mrs. Miller, and Members of the MISD Board of Trustees, it is with great pleasure that I present Ms. Hannah Hopkins to you as our ALPHA Student of the Month. Hannah is a graduating senior at ALPHA Academy, and upon graduation she will be enrolling at Sam Houston State University, with a goal of becoming a high school English teacher or second grade teacher. Hannah is a very hardworking and dedicated student who possesses those qualities that every educator desires in their students.

Hannah’s Social Studies teacher Mrs. Vacarro states:
Hannah is an exceptional student who exemplifies everything it means to be an ALPHA student. In the years that I have known Hannah I have learned that she likes history, is involved in her community and is helpful to her fellow students. Hannah can be counted on to set the example for other students through her motivation and determination. She is always willing to tutor students who need extra assistance. I have witnessed her teaching others how to take notes in her meticulous color coded manner ; a method which is better for organization and has proven to be a successful strategy. She has missed less than 3 days of school since I have known her here at ALPHA. She is a hardworking student who takes great care in her work and holds herself to high expectations. Even with ALPHA and I setting a high bar for Hannah, she raises it for herself so that she can reach her own personal goal. This in turn raises the bar for everyone around her. Hannah is a positive influence on those around her and a model ALPHA student.

Ms. Spore, Hannah’s Biology Teacher states: I have had Hannah in several different classes since she arrived at ALPHA, and she has worked diligently to complete each course. Hannah is a very responsible student who is well respected by her peers as well as her instructors. She is a well-rounded individual devoted to her church and family as well as her school work. Hannah is highly motivated to excel and accomplish her goals. Additionally, she is a mature, confident problem-solver who takes the initiative in her education. If she encounters difficulty, she will seek assistance immediately or stay after school when necessary. She rarely misses school, and her positive attitude is evident each and every day.

Ms. Lorio, who taught Hannah IPC, states:
Hannah is a stellar example of an ALPHA student. She suits up and shows up, every day. And when she is here, she's all work. Even when she got discouraged in my science class, she did not give up and got lots of help from me and a lot of support her parents!"