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Mental Health Resources

  • What is Tri-County? A Comprehensive mental health service that offers many mental and behavioral health services locally.
  • How do I access these services? Walk-In Clinic open Monday - Thursday 8 am - 9:30 at 233 Sgt. Ed Holcomb Blvd. South, Conroe, TX (936)521-6100
  • Speak to your campus counselor for pre-referral information

  • Local Counseling - Shelter - Empowerment
  • Magnolia Office - 31335 Friendship Dr. Magnolia, TX  (281)259-0440
  • The Woodlands Office - 8701 New Trails Suite 118 The Woodlands, TX (281)292-6471

  • National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) of Greater Houston offers on-going support groups for family members of those diagnosed with mental health conditions. No registration is required. Locations in Tomball and The Woodlands.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline -

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide -

  • If you need immediate assistance, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or tell Siri on your smartphone you feel you or someone wants to kill themself and it will connect you immediately. Do not leave a suicidal person alone. 
  • Crisis Text Line - text LISTEN to 741741 about ANY painful emotion you feel in which you need support
  • Tri-County Behavioral Health Services is our local mental health service organization - their 24 hour crisis line is (800)659-6994

Kids Health for Emotional and Behavior Information -

Secondary - Parent Teen Connect -


Tri-County  -
Al-Anon Alcohol Resource -
Addiction Resources (What is addiction, treatment, how to support love ones):

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Outside Resource Tip: Local Resources using Internet Find Services

You can utilize these 2 websites to assist families in locating many services. Enter the zip code and service you are searching:


  • Network of Care for the Tri-County Area:


  • Find Help (previously Aunt Bertha):