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Howdy! My name is Dana Dean and this is my third year at ALPHA academy. My family has been in Magnolia since the early 1900's, and I graduated from Magnolia High School  then Texas A&M University (Gig'em Aggies) many moons ago. Although I have taught school for years, I still have a passion for the profession and want to share my love of reading and writing with my students. I currently teach English II, III, and IV and help struggling students master the STAAR ELA Exams.
My schedule 2017-2018:                                                                 
1st period - Conference  7:50 - 8:35
2nd period - English IV                                                                
3rd period - English IV                                                                                                    
4th period - English EOC                                                                                                 
5th period - English EOC      
Classroom Rules: Be respectful to all & be responsible  
Important Dates:
STAAR ELA I - Dec.  4th Monday     II - Dec. 6th Wednesday        
STAAR ELA I - April 3rd Monday     II - April 5th Wednesda7